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Meet your architect.

An architect for a kitchen renovation? Yes.

After helping dozens of clients renovate their kitchens, we've seen that there's a real shortage of objective, professional information out there about kitchen design.

Most of what you'll find is either pretty pictures (a lot of fluff without much practical, how-to instruction), or an encyclopedia of technical information with no guidance about how to pull together a design you love.

Our passion is helping people design their dream kitchen – and providing the knowlege so they can actually make it a reality.

Sara and Sean understand old house kitchens. They know how to transform a cramped kitchen into the most inviting room in your home. They understand that people want a kitchen that’s open, bright...and complements the character of an old house.
— Katy Hawley, client
If you’re stuck trying to ____, or you’ve tried _____ before but haven’t been able to stick with it, I totally understand! If you’re tired of ______ and fed up with _______, you’re not alone.  You want to be able to ____ without all the stress, you want more _____ and less ______! So that’s why I’ve put together this ______, so you can finally start ________!  

Is your kitchen cramped and dysfunctional?

You want a kitchen where everyone can hang out, but instead you have an outdated, closed-off space that makes you embarrassed to invite people over. Even cooking a meal can be a struggle when your layout makes no sense.

If you're desperate for a new kitchen but are completely overwhelmed, we understand! The internet is full of "kitchen design advice," but most of it is pretty pictures without real, step-by-step information about how to tackle such a big project.

That's why we put together our Kitchen Kick-Start PDF. This easy-to-follow guide will help you figure out:

  1. How to set a budget
  2. Who, if anyone, you should hire
  3. How long your renovation will take

So that you can actually take the first steps toward getting a kitchen that works for your life, your house, and your budget.


What are you waiting for?? Let's design a kitchen you can live in.

Start today with the Kitchen Kick-Start PDF.